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As predictable as Canadian Geese, leaves have begun to take their final-but-vibrant bow as chill, crisp air makes its triumphant return. Ah yes, autumn is a-knocking and eager to enter. For us humans, that means the return of cozy sweaters and pumpkin spice. But what about our feline babies? What does the fall mean for them, and how can inside-living for the season keep them safe and happy?

Mold and Fungus Avoidance

Decaying foliage may be colorful and beautiful to humans, but it marks the arrival of fungus season for our kitties. Wet weather combined with fallen leaves gives way to aggressive molds that can harm dogs and cats. Some are even fatally poisonous.

To keep kitties safe, eliminate outside time. If your guy or gal can’t live without a bit of fresh air, clear a sequestered leaf-free section of the yard or patio.

Pest Control Hazards

The mercury is dropping, and rodents are in search of shelter. To dissuade their entry, many homeowners understandably spray toxic chemicals around their properties. Unfortunately, the formulas can cause seizures in cats and saddle them with lifelong health problems.

Stop your fluff-nugget from consuming rat and mouse poison by latching them inside. If an indoor-only existence will ruin your cat’s life, create an inescapable outside area free of hazardous chemicals.

Seasonal Allergies

As is the case with many humans, seasonal weather changes can lead to cat allergies. Not only is mold on the rise, but so is ragweed. For many cats, that means an uncomfortable few weeks marked by biting, excessive chewing, sneezing, coughing, and watery eyes. Some felines even get rashes!

To avoid the discomfort, keep kitties indoors.


According to an oft-cited study, arthritis plagues nearly 90 percent of cats over the age of 12. And when the summer slips away, taking the warm weather along with it, degenerated joints can acutely feel the loss.

To make the transition easier for cats suffering from the condition, forgo outside jaunts till spring returns.

Need a Cat Sitter?

Fall means traveling. We pile in our cars and drive to spend time with the family we see twice a year. And for our dear, imperial cats, it’s the time of the year they cruelly find themselves imprisoned at the local kennel down the hall from a bulldog that barks all day and farts all night.

But it doesn’t have to be that way for your pets.

Make My Day Please is a premiere animal-sitting service for Northern Virginia. We care for the fur kids while the family’s away! Our team can handle feedings, walkings, cuddles, medicines, and playtime! So give us a call or shoot us a message.

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