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2020 has been ruff on local and small businesses across the Country. We would sincerely appreciate your support with our new ReFURRal and fundraising program. There is no greater compliment than when our valued clients ReFURR us to their family, friends and neighbors. We want to help you and help our friends at Anicira. For every new ReFURRal (that results in a new client) we will credit $10 towards your account and donate $10 to our friends at Anicira!  Offer ends January 1, 2021. 

Pet Care is an Essential Service, and we have continued to provide the award-winning and purrfessional pet care our VIPPs (very important pet parent) have depended on for over 10 years. Make My Day Please has established a highly respected pet care business focused on your needs and the comfort of your pets. Since 2009 our pet sitters have cared for exuberant puppies, dogs with severe medical issues, cats and dogs with diabetes, blind dogs, deaf cats, pot-bellied pigs, horses, chickens, llama’s, birds, rabbits and more.

MMDP is committed to outstanding pet care and service. Our pet care professionals are experienced and dedicated animal enthusiasts. Each of them is trained, fully insured and bonded, and most important – committed to providing loving care for your pets and peace of mind for you.

About AniciraAnicira is a nonprofit veterinary organization helping animals in need in Manassas and Harrisonburg. Their veterinary services include: spay/neuter, surgery, general surgery, dentistry, primary care, preventative care and more. Additional Anicira programs include: Anicira adoptions and pet food pantry. Learn more about their programs here.