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What do you mean it’s Saturday? I love my mid day walks with my sitter.

We have so much fun when you are on vacation. I love my sitter!

Your home already? We were having a wonderful and relaxing time.

Go ahead, spend the weekend away! We will be great with our sitter.

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We are very proud of our pet sitting and dog walking services. We walk and sit for dogs, cats, and other animals. Our clients in Gainesville, Bristow, Manassas, Haymarket and Nokesville use our pet sitting services repeatedly. Each pet sitter is insured and bonded.

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We can’t thank you enough for being so helpful and flexible. You and Jessie made it possible for us to know our babies were in great hands! It meant so much during this difficult time ♥️

February 25, 2020

You all are the best! The only place that can handle my challenging client!
BTW Jessie was terrific with our doggies and we loved her updates and pictures.

February 12, 2020

Thank you for another great experience with Make My Day Please. Nothing better than starting a fun day or vacation than a picture of our smiling pup. Kellie is amazing.

January 6, 2020

We made it home early. Thank you again for the wonderful care. Amy is a jewel! I was upstairs but was able to hear how excited the puppies were to see her. That made my day because I worry about them so much when I leave home.

August 9, 2019

Wonderful professional staff and always prompt with requests. Our boys love Amy and it is great knowing they are in good hands when we are away

William March 18, 2019

They are always there for us and love our dog so much. We have a rescue and they have been a part of his transition since day 1. Great service, communication and all the love goes to my dog! He adores all of his friends. We could not raise this pup without them.

Jill March 18, 2019

I would recommend Make My Day Please to absolutely anyone!!! Catherine and her team are simply fantastic! My husband and I have a 9 week old chocolate lab, who we had to leave overnight for the first time. Catherine and Linda came and met us, asked detailed questions and got to meet our little guy. We received text updates every time Linda visited and she even gave him medicine he had to take. I can't say enough about this wonderful service!!

Kathryn, Gainesville April 18, 2018

I used Make My Day Please over the holidays and could not me more pleased with their service. Our older dog does not enjoy the kennel and this was a perfect way to keep her happy at home. The pet sitter read the detailed notes I left, kept a diary of notes that I read on my return, and kept me updated at the end of each and every visit to our home as to how our beloved family dog was doing. After every visit, I was pleasantly surprised to receive text messages and photos of their walks and confirmation that she was enjoying her meals, just as I had directed they be made for her. Both the owner of Make My Day and the sitter also came in advance to meet our dog and take detailed notes on how to care for her. Not a single complaint; this service was FANTASTIC and worth every penny for the peace of mind. I am planning and using Make My Day again on my next trip out of town.

Nicole T. April 18, 2018

I recommend Make My Day Please to everyone! Catherine, Teri, and the rest of the team have been absolutely phenomenal. We've been with them for a few years now and found them only after one of my fur babies was diagnosed with diabetes. We needed someone who had experience with caring for dogs with medical needs and was comfortable and trained in administering medication. Not only did they care for my dog as if she were one of their own all the way up to the day we lost her, but they have made that loss easier to bear for both my family and my other dog. He loves them and nearly jumps out of his skin every time they come to walk him or care for him when we're on vacation. So glad we found them, they have been like extended family ever since!

Dana in Gainsville January 19, 2016

Thank you very much for looking after Portia and Hobbes while we were out on vacation. We were very impressed with the care they received and the daily notes were extra special. Thank you for everything.

Jason in Bristow January 19, 2016

Discovering your pet may be ill is not how anyone wants to start a long trip, especially at 5:00 AM when you need to leave for the airport. Fortunately, Cathrine was coming to look after my cat, Bob. I knew both of us would be in good hands. She provided regular updates on his condition, and I have no doubt her TLC was instrumental in helping Bob bounce back to greet me in his usual silly, furry way when I got home.

Jim in Bristow January 19, 2016

We Love MMDP., Cathrine and her staff. I have an older cat who needs two insulin shots a day plus I like to travel. My husband will not do the shots when I am out of town. I needed dependable pet care and that is Make My Day. They are better than the post office and made it in eight inches of snow. I was in California and Oliver needed his shots! Highly recommend them and they love our animals like we do!

Lisa A. in Bristow January 19, 2016

EXTREMELY professional company with great communication skills. Going away overseas for nine days and leaving our girls with a stranger had my wife and I very nervous but Julie managed to take all our stress away instantly the very first day and the remainder of our vacation by texting us daily updates. I will highly recommend Julie and Make My Day Please to all our friends and family and will most certainly use again in the future!!!

Steven B. in Centerville January 19, 2016

My dogs have always been spoiled and they are rarely left alone. There was a major change in our schedules and I believe I was more anxious then my dogs. I needed to hire a pet sitter and after talking with several agencies I chose, Make My Day Please, LLC. I could not be happier. Kat is awesome. She leaves lengthy, detailed notes but more importantly my babies are happy when I get home. It is as if the change has not affected them. It has been an adjustment for me but Kat has really eased my mind and I know my girls are loved. I would highly recommend Make My Day Please! Four Paws Up!

Karen G. in Manassas January 19, 2016

I cant say enough good things about Neil. He always gives me a text to let me know how the visit went, and is easy to reach/fast to respond if our schedule changes. He has even come through when I have mixed up our schedule and had nobody to let the dogs out. I have definitely noticed the dogs are less mopey when I leave for work since he has been coming over. I wouldn't change a thing about him, and hope he sticks around and puts up with us for a long time!

Amy C. Manassas September 28, 2015

Best pet sitter ever!!  I'm so glad I found them.  I tried kennels and my poor Bailey hated them.  So I tried Make my Day,  They are such a life saver.  My puppy Serra became ill while I was on vacation and they took extra good care of her and took her to the vet.  It was such a relief knowing that they cared for like her like she was their own.  I 100% recommend them to pet owners!!!

September 28, 2015

Our 3 year old pointer was getting ready to have surgery in January of 2013 and Catherine and "Make my day please" was given to us as a Christmas gift from family who knew that we would need some help with our dog's care after the surgery. Boy did we!!! Catherine came by and did an initial consultation and she and our dog instantly became the best of friends.
Catherine is very good with our dog and I agree with a previous posts in that she probably spoils my dog more than I do.  We definitely feel blessed to have Catherine and "Make my day please," in our lives to help care for our "child!" WOULD DEFINITELY RECOMMEND!!!

Darcy F. in Bristow September 28, 2015

I can't say enough about Make My Day Please. I asked around in our neighborhood for a good dog walker and pet sitter, and everyone said to call them. One of the owners is a PWC police officer which gives us extra peace of mind for the safety of our home as well. They are professional and the love that Catherine and her team have for animals is very apparent. Our pets mean everything to us and they take care them like their own.  We call them often with last minute needs and they are always happy to accommodate.  They do make our day and our pets day.

Don S. in Bristow September 28, 2015

My husband and I were recommend to Catherine after our last dog walker folded his business and the experience with Make My Day Please has been wonderful.  Our dogs, two very shy Yorkies, took to Lisa our walker immediately and they look forward to their walks every day.  We have been so pleased with how quickly Catherine and her team can react when we've need another visit on short notice.  If you are looking for safe, professional and true pet lovers these are the people you want!

Kim G. in Manassas September 28, 2015

We have used Make My Day Please for our dog walking for about a year now.  They are great.  Very responsive to unanticipated schedule changes. Kay spends a lot of time walking our beloved pet. Our neighbors frequently remark how much our dog loves her midday walk with Kay, who leaves us a report each day.  Could not be happier.

BC in Gainsville September 28, 2015

We love having MMDP take care of our dog, whether a walk or a visit Boone loves the company and the walks. Never thought reading a poop report would be a great thing, but it is. Thanks Catherine & Co.

Tim M. in Haymarket September 28, 2015

Catherine, Mike and their staff are simply the BEST!  They really helped us out over the Thanksgiving weekend.  Our dog is a rescue animal and has some serious anxiety issues!  They went ABOVE and BEYOND to ensure he was comfortable while we were away.  They are extremely professional, trustworthy, and caring of not only our dog, but of us.  I would highly recommend their services anytime you need to leave your beloved pets while you are away.

Robb H. in Bristow September 28, 2015

I found Make My Day in the local paper..  And, like others, I was hesitant to turn over the mid-day walk of my Portuguese Water Dog to just anyone. It took five minutes on the phone with Catherine to know I had made the right choice. Her commitment to making sure Misty is walked while allowing flexibility for changing events is terrific. But let's turn to the real consumer -- Misty.  She bolts down the steps in anticipation of her walk.  I can't think of a better recommendation than Misty's enthusiasm.

Macy S. in Haymarket September 28, 2015

I have used MMDP several times for my terrier mix, Roxie, and I have been very happy with the care that she's received.  The thing I like the most is that at each visit the walker texts me a picture of my little baby and lets me know how she is doing.  The owner, Catherine, is very courteous and makes setting up visits very easy.  Catherine came to my home to visit Roxie before the first visit and I really appreciated that.  Roxie loved her, immediately, and that means a lot to any pet owner.

Holly W. in Bristow September 28, 2015

As a single woman who travels for work I was nervous about having strangers in my home to take care of my cat.  After our initial meeting was over I felt such a sense of relief and so at ease with Catherine and the situation that I booked a couple of extra trips outside of work travel.  Make My Day Please should be called Peace of Mind because that's what it gives me. My cat is very sweet and friendly but leaving the house is extremely stressful for her and it takes her weeks to fully recover from being boarded at the vets. When I return from trips my cat is calm, happy, and in good health. She no longer hides when I take the suitcase out.  To me, that says it all. I highly recommend using Make My Day Please.

MC in Haymarket September 28, 2015

Adopted two daschund brothers 2.5 years ago. Davey & Buster. Found taking two with us on weekly visits on hot summer days to our boat isn't as easy or relaxing as just one dog. Make My Day Please and Melissa put all my worries to rest. They accommodate any schedule including late night revisits for potty and a snack before bed. They are both happy and well taken care of when we get home. Friendly and dependable with affordable prices. Peace of mind...Priceless.

Tracie G. in Gainesville September 28, 2015

We used MMDP services for a few years now whenever we go out of town and we never had a disappointment. They are very responsive and more important great pet care providers. Julie is the one who takes care of our crazy black lab and she is wonderful! She always leaves very detailed notes after every visit and contacts us with any issues or questions. When we get back our dog seems very well taken care of, well fed and no accidents in the house. We will definitely continue using their services while we live in their service area!

Lina R. in Haymarket September 28, 2015

Make my day please is a huge lifesaver for pet owners!!! No longer do you have to feel guilty or worry about going out and leaving your pet home alone. Cathy and mike are so nice, they love animals, and are extremely flexible when it comes to scheduling an appointment. As a dog owner I trust make my day please 100% with my dog and would never put him in a kennel. If you are a pet owner try make my day won't regret it.

Matthew C. in Bristow September 28, 2015

I have two dogs, both mutts, one small and one medium, and they've got a TON of energy! I've had both Melissa and Sarah watch my two dogs. Melissa has been their primary for a few years now. They're often pretty crazy guys, but the sitters at Make My Day Please have really proved that they can handle the jumping, tail wagging craziness of my house! I love that I feel like in some way I actually know the sitters, they are great at communicating things to me either through text or notes left at the home. I highly recommend this company, especially my two sitters Melissa and Sarah! Thanks for taking such good care of my boys!

Amy L. in Gainsville September 28, 2015

I found Make My Day Please (MMDP) when I started a new job and needed mid-day walks for my 14 year old Lab and 9 month old Brussels Griffon puppy. Savannah, the lab, needed extra care and the puppy had major digestive issues but Danielle and Catherine at Make My Day Please put all my worries to rest and the transition was a smooth one. When Savannah passed away in April, MMDP helped us immensely with another HUGE transition. Their sympathy and care were wonderful and I could not be more thankful that they were there during such a difficult time. Shortly thereafter, Danielle went back to college, and we sadly prepared for her replacement. Alyssa took over Spider (my pup's) mid-day visits and she has been AWESOME. Her energy and fun spirit were completely absorbed by my little dog and he has the best temperament I have ever seen. Alyssa's flexibility, communication, and kindness are great. I could not have asked for more in a petsitting service. MMDP's flexibility and sheer joy in petsitting is like none other.

---Colleen Alexandria August 8, 2013

Thank you again for caring for my kids while we were away this weekend. I can't tell you how wonderful it was to relax and not worry about them (especially Charlotte given her "special needs"). I really enjoyed the text updates and pictures Kelly! I will not hesitate in the future to plan for you all to care for my kids.

---CINDY August 8, 2013

Thank you Catherine, Julie K did a wonderful job - will call again

---Darlene August 8, 2013

You guys rock! We returned from our cruise today to find our critters well fed and happy. Loved the daily logs! Special thanks to Cristin - we will recommend you anytime. Exceeded our expectations.

---Julie August 8, 2013

We have been using Make My Day Please since January 2011. It means so much to us that our dog is being cared for and loved by the staff of Make My Day Please. Prior to starting with the service, I was very hesitant to let someone into our home to take care of our dog. However, from the moment I met Catherine, I immediately felt comfortable and trusted that Dakota would be cared for as if it was their own pet. Although we have regularly scheduled visits, I always know that I can contact Catherine in a pinch, and that our dog will be cared for no matter what

---Lauren in Haymarket August 8, 2013

Thank you so much for everything, Faith is great and everyone was so happy that you were all able to help us take care of her. We appreciate the log 🙂

---Carolyn August 8, 2013

The cats were so settled and happy when we came back. It was as if we never left for a few days, it was very comforting to us. They are usually hyperactive when we return especially Lucy, but they were in chipper moods.

---Donna in Manassas August 8, 2013

Thanks so much! Molly loves it at your house - she looked at us like "why'd you come home"? It's great to know she's so well cared for when we're away.

---Cheryl, Dominion Valley August 8, 2013

Thank you for your continued excellent care for our Coco.

---Unsolicited note left for our sitter August 8, 2013

Thanks to both you and your husband for watching over our cats over the past week. It is so reassuring to have twwo caring people looking out for them. Thank you also for the clean ups you did-I'm sure there were some hairballs over the week, yet there were none when I got home. I really appreciate it. Also, thanks for cleaning out the Litter Locke - you totally could have left that for me to do but it was really nice not to have to deal with it. Glenn and I very rarely take time off together because we get so worried about the (four) cats. Now that we have found you, we are hoping to take vacations together again. Thanks so much!!

---Christine in Haymarket August 8, 2013

Thanks so much for your help!! Taylor is a sweetheart...Gracie just turned 3 so we are hoping she will calm down soon! Thanks again...your service is amazing!

---Amanda in Bristow August 8, 2013

I gotta say, hands down, Mike and Catherine, with Make My Day Please Pet Services, are the best people to leave your pets with. We have been using Make My Day for about 2 years or so, and each time we need help with our two guys, (a full grown boxer, and Jack Russell who thinks he is a full grown boxer), we are 100% confident that they take care of our animals better than we would if we were home. Once you meet Mike and Catherine, their love and knowledge for animals is evident immediately. The whole process is great, from their initial visit with you to meet your animals, to being happy and answering their phones in the middle of the night when you call to check on your animals. If your questioning who to use to help take care of your pets...think no further, pick up the phone and give them a'll see......... they are great!

---Joe in Nokesville August 8, 2013

Catherine, thanks so much for your care of my sweet boy while I am away. You have such a special place in the world to love animals

---Penny Haymarket August 8, 2013

Make My Day Please has been taking care of our Goldendoodle Riley since January 2010. Catherine, Mike, and Terry have done an amazing job starting from when Riley was a puppy through his high energy "adolescent years," making sure he gets the exercise and attention he needs in the middle of a long day. Everyone at Make My Day Please seems to genuinely care about my "baby" - checking in on him when he is sick and giving him extra special treats on his birthday. They are also very flexible and accommodating to our ever-changing schedule. We highly recommend them to any one in need of a pet-sitter!

---Jon in Haymarket August 8, 2013

Thanks to both you and your husband for watching over our cats over the past week. It is so reassuring to have two caring people looking out for them. Thank you also for the clean ups you did-I'm sure there were some hairballs over the week, yet there were none when I got home. I really appreciate it. Also, thanks for cleaning out the Litter Locke - you totally could have left that for me to do but it was really nice not to have to deal with it. Glenn and i very rarely take time off together because we get so worried about the (four) cats. Now that we have found you, we are hoping to take vacations together again. Thanks so much!!

---Christine in Catharpin August 8, 2013

Catherine and Mike have been such a blessing to our family. Our dog, Jack, is a very high-energy Beagle who requires so much attention and I must say, no one could be better for him that Catherine and Mike. I looked into other dog-walking companies and nobody gave me the comfort like Catherine and Mike at Make My Day Please. I now feel much better going to work knowing that Jack is in the best hands. Everyday I come home after Catherine's and/or Mike's visit and he is as happy as can be! I can't express my gratitude enough.

---Jacks parents Dominion Valley August 8, 2013

We have a 12 year old miniature dachshund named Autumn who is spoiled rotten. With our son leaving home for college, we were concerned with who would look after Autumn during the day?? So we reached out to several dog walkers, Catherin's " Make My Day Please Pet Services", being one of them. Catherine was so excited and wanted to meet Autumn right away. Autumn and Catherine connected right away. We hired her on the spot. Autumn loves Catherine. Autumn's daily visit with Catherine has improved Autumn's energy, attitude, and her overall well being. Catherine gives Autumn alot of personal TLC and belly rubs, (Autumn's favorite thing). Even on Saturday and Sunday, Autumn looks for Catherine. One thing I look forward to when I come home are the notes that Catherine leaves about Autumn and their day. It is a comfort and peace of mind for us to have Catherine taking care of our baby girl Autumn. Catherine is dependable, reliable, flexible, but most of all loving and it shows.

---Autumns parents - Piedmont August 8, 2013

Catherine & Mike are the Best! We are so happy to have found them - someone we trust who will love our "babies" like we do! It is the peace of mind we have, knowing that our dogs are in great hands with Make My Day Please. They are professional, flexible and always willing to take care of Nilla & Angel. Most of all, we love them because we always come home to HAPPY dogs!

---Nila and Angel's Mom - New Bristow Village August 8, 2013

We absolutely love "Make My Day Please"! Catherine and Mike are wonderful with our 3 dogs and 2 cats! The fact that Mike is a Prince William County police officer gives us that extra peace of mind too. The minute she walked through the door for our first meeting, you could tell how much she loves the animals! And the feeling is mutual with the animals 🙂 Our golden retriever, Boomer, jumps up and "hugs" her every time she comes to visit! It is soooo nice to have the animals be comfortable in their own home and avoid the stress of a "kennel" environment when we travel!!!

----Boomer, Cassie, Slim, Jingles and Cinder's Parents - Braemar August 8, 2013

We can't say enough great things about Make My Day Please pet sitting service. Catherine and Mike are just the absolute best! When we are out of town or need them at a moments notice they are always flexible and willing to help. Their love of dogs translate into their excellent care giving of our sweet boy Brutus (a 4-year old Rhodesian Ridgeback)!

---Alisa in Haymarket August 8, 2013

Catherine Blake's dedication and commitment to animals in her care is a blessing. She's always punctual and my dog loves her visits and treats. Whether I have scheduled her weeks in advance or need her services immediately, she is always prepared to serve.

---Happy's Mom - Victory Lake August 8, 2013

Catherine really “makes my day” … I can’t say enough good things about everything Catherine does for us and how pleased we – and our dog, Bart are that we found her. We saw Catherine’s ad in our local homeowners community paper and gave her a call. She came by to personally meet Bart, tell us about her services and immediately made us feel like this was probably a good match. We can call or email on short notice and Catherine is always responsive to our crazy schedules. Bart has a great run on the days that Catherine comes by, and she always leaves us a daily ‘scorecard’ on Bart’s activities, energy level, etc. I have also referred her to another neighbor, who is most pleased. Catherine is a true animal lover – she’s the best! Ask Bart.

---Bart's Dad - Heritage Hunt August 8, 2013

We are so lucky to have found Catherine! Prior to finding Catherine, we would have to drive our two cats 45 minutes to a relative’s home each time we went away. The cats were often very upset and stressed out. This caused us to always worry about them when we were away. Now when we go away, we can relax because we know that they are happy at home in their own surroundings and that they will be waiting for us when we get home. We know that our two cats are in good hands when we are away.

---Posh and Caesar's Mom August 8, 2013

Catherine, you did an awesome job and Noche (the Anteater) is very happy, Thank you!

---Julia Nokesville August 8, 2013

We were new to the area and had a family emergency back in Texas. We needed a pet sitter for our dogs at the last minute. We contacted "Make My Day Please" and Mike made us comfortable that our dogs would be well cared for. Since then we have used no one else but Catherine and Mike. With my husband's hectic schedule and new baby, they have helped us out TREMENDOUSLY! They are reliable and care for our pets as if Abby and Oscar were their own. We consider them a part of our family and would never use any other service. Abby and Oscar love them!

---Oscar and Abby's parents Victory Lakes August 8, 2013