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Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Services in Northern Virginia

Mid-Day Dog Walks

MMDP professional dog walkers have experience with all types of dogs and temperaments. We assign a primary sitter to your pup(s) and they look forward to seeing each other every day for their special time together.  If your sitter is not available for some reason, we have a pawesome team that can back them up if needed.

Have a puppy? We can work with you to create a specific routine and adjust that routine as the puppy grows.

Your pooch will have a tailored routine to their needs. This will be detailed in your pet profile. At each visit we will refresh the dogs water, give treat (if requested) and incorporate your training commands. You will get a daily text from your sitter at every visit.

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Benefits of Hiring a Dog Walker

  • Walks improve pet health. Just like their human counterparts, pets need regular and consistent exercise to live long, healthy and happy lives.
  • Walks provide socialization and stimulation.
  • Walks improve pet behavior.
  • Dog walkers give you peace of mind. 
  • Exercise and weight management.
  • Regular walking helps to release excess energy, resulting in calmer behavior at home.

Pet Sitting

We offer the following pet sitting services:

  • Daily Visits – Your sitter comes to your home at the times that you choose. Visit lengths can be a combination of shorter and longer visits if that works best for your pet.
  • Overnight Pet Sitting – Your sitter spends the night in your home. This is a 12-hour reservation, typically 7-8 PM to 7-8 AM. This does not include visits during the day which are scheduled separately.
  • House Sitting – Your sitter makes your home her home base. Your pet is not alone more than a few hours at a time. She may come and go to take care of other pets, or do errands but primarily is with your pet.
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Cat Care

MMDP purr-fessional cat sitters have experience with all types of cats, kittens and cattitudes. We assign a primary sitter to your cat which is great for shy kitties as they have a familiar face and voice to look forward to. We would love the op-purr-tunity to meet you and your cat. There is no charge for that meeting.

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Benefits of Hiring a Cat Sitter

  • Cats Love To Stay At Home. By hiring a cat sitter, your cat will be able to stay in the environment that he/she knows and loves.
  • Purr-fessional Care with a Cat Sitter.
  • We pampurr your cats with love, brushing and play time.
  • Purr-sonalized Attention and Safety Checks.
  • Litter Box Cleaning.
  • Home Security.

Dog PETicures House Calls

  • Dog is most comfortable at home
  • Convenient
  • Less Stress and Happier Pet
Long nails can lead to painful paws. When a dog’s nails contact hard ground, the surface pushes the nail up into the nail bed. Your Vet Tech sitter will be able to trim your dog’s nails quickly and painlessly from the comfort of your home.
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Post Surgery Wound Care

One of our Vet Tech sitters can help with wound care. Some people are not comfortable doing this because of the emotional nature of the situation or are unable to due to physical limitations.


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