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About Make My Day Please

Why Choose a Professional Pet Sitter

Professional pet sitters are just what the description implies – professional.  While having friends, family, or neighbors care for your pets may seem like a logical choice, professional pet sitters do this for a living and have the experience necessary to care for your animals.  A professional pet sitter:

  • Is trained and experienced in working with all types of pet personalities and will know how to tailor your pet’s care based on their individual likes, dislikes, fears, and habits.
  • Knows how to spot and avoid potentially dangerous situations and can react quickly and effectively when necessary.
  • Is trained and experienced in administering medications.
  • Knows how to tell if your pet needs veterinary attention.
  • Has backup in case of emergencies, car troubles or illness
  • Can be relied on to fulfill all of your care requests on time, each and every time.

Make My Day Please provides confidence and peace of mind for you and your pet.

  • Pets are happier and experience less stress at home.
  • Diet and exercise routines are uninterrupted.
  • Travel trauma for both owner and pet is eliminated.
  • Pet’s exposure to illness is minimized.
  • 11 years proven excellence
  • Licensed, Bonded and Insured

About the Owners

Mike and Catherine Blake have been Prince William County residents for more than 20 years and live Gainesville. They have two dogs, Ellie, a Lab/Pit Rescue and Luke, PWC K-9 German Shepherd. They also have two rescue cats, Miss Emma and Mr. Leo. Catherine and Mike have a passion for pets which is evident whenever they are around animals. They enjoy walking dogs, running dogs and playing with all types of animals and pets. One of the more unusual clients is an Anteater named Noche – yep, an Anteater :-)

Catherine and Mike Blake
Catherine Black with dogs

Ms. Catherine Blake

Ms. Catherine Blake earned her Masters of Education in Counseling from Virginia Tech and has her undergraduate degree from James Madison University. She worked as a High School Counselor for seven years in Prince William County. After her daughter graduated from high school, Catherine turned her favorite hobby of taking care of pets for friends and neighbors, into a successful fulltime business.

First Sergeant Mike Blake

First Sergeant Mike Blake is a Prince William County K-9 Police Officer and has worked on the force since July 1997. He earned his undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice from Bluefield College. He has extensive experience and expertise with animals. Mike is affectionately known to family and friends as the “dog whisperer.”

mike and luke on dog training course

Our Furry Kids & Co-Owners

Leo the cat
Emma the cat
luke the K-9 dog
Luke the K-9
Ellie the dog

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