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  • They Love our Animals as we do!

    We Love MMDP., Cathrine and her staff. I have an older cat who needs two insulin shots a day plus I like to travel. My husband will not do the shots when I am out of town. I needed dependable pet care and that is Make My Day. They are better than the post office and made it in eight inches of snow. I was in California and Oliver needed his shots! Highly recommend them and they love our animals like we do! Lisa A. in Bristow January 19, 2016

  • Best Pet Sitter Ever!!

    I am so glad I found them. I tried kennels and my poor Bailey hated them. So I tried MMDP. They are such a life saver. It was such a relief knowing that they cared for her like she was their own. I 100% recommend them to pet owners.

  • Could not be Happier!

    My dogs have always been spoiled and they are rarely left alone. There was a major change in our schedules and I believe I was more anxious then my dogs. I needed to hire a pet sitter and after talking with several agencies I chose, Make My Day Please, LLC. I could not be happier. Kat is awesome. She leaves lengthy, detailed notes but more importantly my babies are happy when I get home. It is as if the change has not affected them. It has been an adjustment for me but Kat has really eased my mind and I know my girls are loved. I would highly recommend Make My Day Please! Four Paws Up! Karen G. in Manassas January 19, 2016


    The cats were so settled and happy when we came back. It was as if we never left for a few days, it was very comforting to us. They are usually hyperactive when we return especially Lucy, but they were in chipper moods. ~Donna in Manassas

  • Catherine and Mike are the Best!

    We are so happy to have found them, someone we trust who will love our "babies" like we do! It is the peace of mind we have, knowing that our dogs are in great hands with MMPD. They are professional and flexible. Most of all, we love them because we always come home to Happy Dogs!

Welcome to Make My Day Please, LLC


Make My Day Please, LLC is a full service dog walking, cat caring and pet sitting company. MMDP offers daily or occasional mid day dog walks while you are at work, vacation visits while you are away, and weekend visits if you decide to get away for a day or two. Pets that we care for include, but are not limited to: cats, dogs, chickens, fish, rabbits, turtles, birds, horses, goats, hamsters, hedgehogs, gerbils and even an occasional anteater. We provide professional pet care in Gainesville, Manassas, Nokesville, Haymarket and Bristow. We believe that serving this specific local area, ensures excellent quality control and customer service. Many of our clients have same day and last minute needs, and we are able to accommodate these requests. Make My Day Please, LLC was established in 2008 and is Local, Licensed, Bonded and Insured. Owners First Sergeant Mike Blake with the Prince William County K-9 Police Department and Catherine Blake, formerly with Prince William County Schools have lived and worked in the county for over 25 years. For more information please follow the About link.


Potty Break - When you gotta go, you gotta go. Even if your pet can hold it, it is not healthy and it certainly is not comfortable.

Friendly Face - Both the sitter and the pet light up when they see each other. Do not be surprised on the weekend if your pet looks for his/her sitter around the normal visit time.

Fresh Air - We all know how nice it is to get some exercise and fresh air during the day. The dogs absolutely love their walks and are more relaxed afterwards.

Happy Dog/Happy Cat - Clients find a calm and happy pet when they come home because of our visits.

Routine - Pets thrive on a predictable routine. If you are going out of town or away for the day, your pet does not have to have its routine disrupted. We come to them and provide potty breaks, walks, litter scooping and feedings. Our visits provide attention and comfort in your absence. 



Peace of Mind - Your pet stays home in his/her safe and secure environment. He/She receives love and personal attention from a professional pet sitter. You receive texts and/or detailed notes regarding the visit. If you need to work late unexpectedly or would like to join a friend for dinner, we offer last minute options for your emergencies.

Guilt Free - Knowing that your pet is in our care will allow you to enjoy your time away without worrying. You will be greeted by your happy fur baby. We will come to your home, one to four times a day depending on your preference and take care of your precious pet for you in the comfort of his/her home.

Less Stress for all! - Pets appreciate routine and familiar surroundings. You have direct access to your sitter, and we encourage you to check in anytime. We keep you updated on how they are doing and often send pictures. 

No More Kennel Concerns - Kennels can be very loud and frightening for many pets and cause tremendous stress. Pets are most comfortable in their own home with familiar sights and smells. Pets are often sad and lonely in a strange place. Home care also alleviates the potential for bringing home uninvited guests, (kennel cough, ticks or fleas.)

Home Security - If you are out of town, we will bring in mail/newspapers, turn lights on and off, adjust blinds, water plants, take trash out, etc. This is included in our pet sitting visit.