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Dogs LOVE going on walks! But unfortunately, sometimes due to work or family obligations we are too busy to take our furry friends on walks. While a morning or afternoon walk is good, you should still do your best to take your pet on a mid-day walk as well. While this may seem excessive, you can help your dog a lot by doing so. Here are the reasons how adding a mid-day walk can benefit your dog.


Taking your dog outside gives him or her the perfect chance to get exercise. Many dogs either don’t have space to run around inside or they tend to lounge. If your dog enjoys exercise, then you should incorporate a mid-day walk.

Doing so can help your dog to behave since he or she doesn’t have to bottle up energy. This can especially help highly energetic breeds. Walks lower boredom and will help your dog become less likely to look for trouble, giving you less of a headache.

Mentally Stimulating

When you take your dog out to the park or around the neighborhood, he or she gets to enjoy different smells. When dogs smell a new object or scent, it stimulates their minds and allows their brains to exercise.

If your dog tends to sniff a lot when you go on walks, then he or she might enjoy the mental exercise of the outdoors. By going on mid-day walks, you allow your dog to enjoy new smells.

Social Opportunities

Many people like to take their dogs on walks during the day, because this allows dogs to make new friends. Dogs are social creatures: they like to meet new people and dogs, so they appreciate the new faces.

You will most likely meet many people during a mid-day walk. This is because people may still be asleep in the morning or settling down at night. By taking your dog out during mid-day, he or she has the chance to interact with others and become more social.

Bathroom Breaks

Finally, dogs like to take bathroom breaks outside. Remember that dogs go to the bathroom not only to relieve themselves but to also mark their territory. When you take your dog outside, you give him or her the chance to mark territory in the neighborhood.

Marking their territory can help dogs to feel more comfortable in a neighborhood. On top of this, you lower the chances of your dog having an accident at home.

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Dogs need the opportunity to go on walks so that they can enjoy themselves. However, if you don’t have the time to walk your dog in the middle of the day, we are here to help! We work with you to create a specific routine for your dog. Contact us today to get started!