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Ways to Take Care of Your Dog’s Teeth at Home

Your dog’s teeth are among his most important features. As part of his regular care, you should brush and floss your dog every day to help keep them in good and healthy condition. Sadly, many people don’t know how to care for their pet’s teeth properly. Take the time to learn a few simple techniques to care for your dog’s oral health. Brushing will be an easy practice for you and your dog if you know how.

Why Dog Dental Care is so Important

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The health of your dog’s mouth is critical. The foods you feed your pet will help his teeth develop and grow strong, or they’ll fall out. Poor oral health can cause both physical and emotional problems for your dog. Rotten teeth can cause bad breath, gum disease, infections, and pain. Also, dogs must have healthy teeth before they chew on things that can hurt them. Here are a few ways to take care of your dog’s teeth at home:

Regular Brushings

Brushing and flossing is a simple yet effective way to care for your dog’s teeth. It will keep his teeth healthy and robust and remove any food particles stuck between them. Flossing will also help eliminate bacteria from the gum line. It would help if you started brushing and flossing your dog’s teeth when he’s about a year old. Here are essential brushing tools you can use for your dog:

  • Dog toothbrush
  • Dog toothpaste
  • Dog dental treats
  • Dental gauze pad
  • Gasps and chews

Use a toothbrush designed for dogs; these brushes are softer and better for cleaning your dog’s back teeth. Always brush or floss your dog’s teeth while you brush your own. This will help establish the routine of performing this task at least once every day.


Female Hand holding toothbrush with pea-sized toothpaste and blurred yorkshire dog in background.

You can use toothpaste made specifically for dogs or a natural alternative. Be sure to use toothpaste designed for dogs, not humans, as some contain chemicals that can damage your puppy’s mouth and teeth. Human toothpaste lacks the proper ingredients to clean your dog’s mouth. Use only a pea-sized paste on your dog’s brush or floss.


Chewing treats and bones will help your dog’s teeth. Give your dog chew toys designed to clean their teeth and gums naturally. Check with your veterinarian to ensure the treatment is safe for your dog. Nylabones, Kongs, and healthy edibles are made from a dental-grade material that can help strengthen your dog’s teeth when chewed regularly.

You can do these things to take care of your dog’s teeth at home. If you have trouble with your dog’s oral health, take him to the veterinarian. Contact Make My Day Please for professional dog walking, pet sitting, and cat care.