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A cat is a perfect pet for many reasons. They can be very entertaining and have great personalities. They are, however, prone to illnesses that can sometimes be serious. Here are a few signs to check for to determine if your cat is healthy.

Proper Vocalization

A healthy cat will have no problem vocalizing, but if you hear abnormal sounds from them, then it could mean something is wrong. It may indicate illness such as pain, vomiting, or constipation. Additionally, it could be an indication of a mood problem. Some cats get very depressed and will express their feelings by screaming.

Bright Eyes

A healthy cat’s eyes are bright and alert, but if you notice that one of your cats is always looking off to the side, get a check-up to see what’s wrong. It could indicate pain or other problems such as glaucoma or a cataract.

Perked up Ears

A cat’s ears are normally perked up. If you notice that an ear’s soft part is floppy, it could be a sign of illness. The same goes for ears that routinely flare.

Proper Body Language

A healthy cat exhibits good body language by sitting with their back straight and long, and they also like to move around and stretch while you are playing with them. However, cats tend to hide when sick and have a hunched-up back. They may also hiss at you because they are feeling threatened.

Good Eating and Drinking Habits

Most cats tend to eat two to three meals a day. Therefore, if your cat is not eating or drinking for a few days, it may indicate illness.

Solid Stools

A healthy cat has firmer stools. If you notice your cat has watery stools, it could indicate constipation or other problems such as giardia.

Smooth Fur

When you pet your cat, you should be able to feel all of the individual hairs. However, if you notice that the fur has patches of missing hair and the rest of the fur is rough, then this could be a sign of illness. It could mean your cat has mange or fleas, making them very irritable.

Bottom Line

If your cat is not exhibiting any of these signs, they may have an illness, and you need to get them to see a vet. Contact us today for more information about your cat’s wellbeing.