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Vitamins are organic compounds necessary to sustain life. They are essential elements in a dog as they help in your dog’s health and make them feel better. Most of them are in the dogs’ food.

We’ll go through the Vitamins that may increase the lifespan of your dog and make them happier. Ask your Vet if your pet would benefit from any of these supplements.

Vitamin A

This can be found in various types of food like fish, and dairy products. It helps harden bones and muscles. It also helps in the fetal development and reproduction of new cells. It is found in carrots, and it improves your dog’s vision and gives it healthy skin.

Vitamin B

Natural Raw organic dog food with vitamin B in bowl and dog's paws on white background

There are several Vitamins under this, namely Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, and B12.

  • Vitamin B6 is responsible for changing carbohydrates into Glucose.
  • Vitamin B12 will help facilitate enzyme function.
  • Vitamin B will help fight heart disease, improve nerve functions, immune system, blood circulation, and maintain a healthy weight.

Vitamin C

It is an antioxidant for dogs. It helps to reduce harmful free radicals in the body and aids in inflammation. Although dogs can make their Vitamin C in their liver, other sources are;

  • Calcium ascorbate
  • Ascorbic acid
  • Ester C
  • Sodium ascorbate

Vitamin D

Naturally found in sunshine. Help in mineral absorption like Calcium and Magnesium. It also speeds the healing process after a dog gets an injury and improves muscle growth. Other sources of vitamin D are red meat and oily fish.

Vitamin E

This is found in food containing oils like coconuts and olives. It helps the body in cell functioning and also in fat metabolism.

Vitamin K

Help the blood to clot and make the bleeding stop. There are two forms of Vitamin K – K1 creates supplements and K2 aids in bone health and helps in binding calcium and protein together.


It helps your Dog have a healthy brain and liver function.

3d rendered medically accurate illustration of a dogs nervous system with black background

When Your Dog requires a supplement, it may exhibit some of these symptoms:

  • A sudden change in behavior.
  • Unexplained weight loss.
  • Taking long to recover from an injury.

If your pet exhibits these symptoms, it is prudent to call a vet.

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