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Both dogs and cats are susceptible to obesity. They may run around as puppies or kittens, but aging sets in even with adult pets. Explore these best tips to avoid pet obesity. Their health can depend on it.

1. Measure Meals

An old-fashioned feeding method is simply putting a bowl of pet food out for the day, which allows the animal to feed as they please. Today’s pet experts frown on this practice, however. It’s always better to portion out the food between either two or three meals.

Most pet owners opt for the breakfast-dinner portioning strategy. However, some pets have sensitive digestive systems, which means they may benefit from a breakfast-lunch-dinner portioning strategy. Altogether, the daily meals should equal the volume allocated for your pet’s weight. Every food, both dry and wet, will have a weight table for proper feeding.

2. Get Moving!


A great way to avoid pet obesity is by exercising with them. Walk your dog, or play with the cat. You may want to try a leash on the cat if it will tolerate the practice

Getting any kind of movement going is key to staying in shape. Consider pet-walking services with us. If you’re at work or school, our experts can help with midday walks.

3. Resist Temptation

Pets have a clever way of training humans to give them more food. Regardless of how cute those big eyes are, avoid giving table scraps to dogs. The extra calories will quickly lead to excess weight.

Begging is also an issue. Tell the pet to firmly stop begging, and you won’t feel the temptation of giving out a piece of food. As long as they have healthy meals, they aren’t really hungry. They simply crave attention.

4. Pass Out Treats


Treats should always be given in limited quantities, but you can be a bit more generous with healthy selections. Consider these foods for dogs:

• Bananas
• Carrots
• Apples

In contrast, cats don’t typically like these types of treats. Look for cat treats in the grocery aisle that are mostly protein. Read the ingredient labels, and dismiss any treats with a lot of fillers, sugars, or unfamiliar words.

A great way to supplement a pet’s exercise regimen is by hiring professionals. Contact Make My Day Please for pet walking and sitting services today! Your pet will love the extra attention.