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Did you know that trimming your dog’s nails is an important way to keep them healthy? Dogs should get their nails trimmed once a month. Otherwise, they are at risk for serious health issues.

Health Risks of Long Nails

Both humans and dogs have nails that grow all the time. Just think about it – how uncomfortable would it be for you to have excessively long nails? Well, just like humans, dogs have the potential to get caught on terrain or objects when their nails get too long. Their nails might tear, break, or splinter, causing discomfort or serious pain. Your dog might even develop arthritis over time if their nails are too long. Other health risks associated with long nails on dogs include:

  • Too much stress on nail beds, which can result in pain and damage to the nail
  • Loss of traction when the nail extends past the paw
  • Getting caught in slats, holes, and other obstacles in the dog’s environment

Since dogs’ nails grow all the time, they have the potential to become dangerously long if they are not trimmed. Dogs whose nails are left untrimmed for a very long time might even get their nails embedded in their paw pad as the nail curls back around.

We understand it can be stressful or uncomfortable to trim your dog’s nails, especially if your dog isn’t used to it. As a result, some pet owners try to avoid trimming their dog’s nails by exercising them on hard surfaces. This wears down the nails over time. However, this method is not effective for many dogs. Older dogs, arthritic dogs, and dogs with other health conditions might be unable to keep their nails short through exercise. It is safest and most effective in all cases to trim your dog’s nails manually, so you can make sure their nails are the correct length.

Nail Trimming Safety

Be careful when using your clippers, though. Dogs’ nails contain a quick, which has nerves and blood vessels. It can be easy for inexperienced pet owners to cut their dog’s nails too short, and accidentally cause more damage. It’s safest and easiest to hire one of our professionals to cut your dog’s nails. That way, you can be sure your dog is staying healthy, and you don’t have to worry about cutting your dog’s nails yourself.

Benefits of Using a Professional Service

We offer an at-home PETicure that gives the best of both worlds: your dog is most comfortable in their home environment, and one of our trained professionals can take care of your dog’s nails safely and effectively. The service is convenient and affordable, and most importantly, it will prevent your precious pooch from having paw problems in the future. Reserve an appointment today for a PETicure and you can be sure you’re getting the best quality service available!