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Ugh… COVID-19! By now, you’re probably experiencing “virus burnout” like the rest of us, but life goes on. And these days life mostly goes on at home. If you are working from home, you know it comes with an entirely different set of challenges than working in the office.

Not only do you have to maintain some semblance of your workday, but you also have to keep your kids doing their remote learning, keep the house clean, and try to find some time for yourself. PHEW! And through all this, you can’t forget about your pets!

Make My Day, Please understands it can be difficult to make time for your pets when you need to focus on work. Hiring a pet care professional can be the answer you need.

5 reasons to hire a pet care professional while you work from home:

1. Your pet doesn’t know you’re working: Working at home with your pets by your side can be enjoyable, but it also creates some challenges. Your dog or cat doesn’t know you’re working. He sees you at home and wants your attention — it’s that simple. When you can’t give your pet the attention he craves, there’s sure to be trouble. Hiring a professional pet sitter will keep your pet on a schedule that will give him something to look forward to and let you focus on work.

2. Just like you, your dog has a routine: Dogs (and pets in general) have routines just like us. When you are at home, your dog’s routine may differ from when you are at the office. If your pooch enjoys walks at noon on the weekends, with you working from home suddenly every day is the weekend! He’ll expect his noontime walk despite your workload. Hiring a dog walker to take him for a stroll while you work will keep him on a schedule he enjoys.

3. Dogs don’t understand that work takes concentration: You may be focused on work and trying to complete an important project, but your dog doesn’t know that. Despite what mode you’re in, he may have other ideas. He may want your attention to play or cuddle, or perhaps a squirrel outside the window just set off a barking bonanza! Whatever the issue, your dog can make it hard to concentrate on your work. Scheduling a dog walker for a daily walk can prevent distractions and let you focus.

4. You need a break once in a while: You’re working, looking after kids, taking care of the house, and keeping your pets on schedule. OMG! Once in a while, you need a break. Hiring a dog walker to provide your pooch with some playtime will give you a few minutes during your day to relax and reset before tackling your next task.

5. It’s important to have someone you can count on: Having a pet care professional walk your dog regularly will give your canine companion a new friend, and you’ll feel less stressed knowing you have someone to care for your pooch. Make My Day Please, LLC, wants to help! We offer walking services, pet sitting, pet pedicures, and just good old-fashioned attention. Schedule a free meet and greet with one of our pet professionals by calling 703-624-3583, or visit our website — — to learn more about us. We’ll take care of your pet, so you can get back to work!

MMDP is offering 5% pet care discount to local First Responders, Military/Veterans, and Seniors.
The Nextdoor community voted Make My Day Please best local pet sitting company. We are honored and would like to give back to our neighbors. Established in 2009, MMDP is proud to offer a 5% discount to those who have kept us safe during this difficult year. We appreciate you and are thankful for you. You have given your all. We are also aware that the seniors in our community have suffered fear, isolation and health concerns. MMDP is here for your furry loved ones when the time is right.

This offer applies to new and current clients. If you area a First Responder, Military/Veteran, our one of our amazing seniors (65 or older), please mention this with your inquiry.