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How to Make Your Car Pet-Friendly

Driving with our pets is a joy for both of us, but it does require a few simple preparations and adaptations to your driving and travel habits to ensure that your best mate has a safe and enjoyable experience. Make My Day Please can help you with pet sitting or dog walking services. However, let’s consider whether your car is pet friendly and how to make it so.

Get Some Seat Covers

Two happy dogs in the car peep out

Your pet’s anxiety about car rides can increase the likelihood of accidents, even for a potty-trained animal, so it’s essential to safeguard your car seats with seat covers. A hammock seat cover serves two purposes: preserving the upholstery from damage and protecting your pet in the event of an accident. If there’s a chance of spills, you should bring cleaning products just in case.

Choose a Car That’s the Right Size for Your Pet

This isn’t a problem if you have a cat or a tiny pet. But a huge one will make a compact or fast car uncomfortable. Although a dog wouldn’t fit in the truck’s cargo area, you might also have trouble squeezing him inside the pickup’s cabin. Consider this if you’re in the market for a new car and want to transport your pet. You may consider purchasing a van where the seats may be relocated or removed.

Meet Your Puppy’s Travelling Needs

There’s probably no need to stop and feed or walk your pet if you’re going on a short trip around town. The same cannot be said for your pet, so schedule frequent stops along your route if you intend to take them on a long car trip. If you want your pet to have something to eat and drink, pack some dry food and a travel dish with water. But you should also consider your pet walking and sitting services from a reputable professional.

Engage Child Locks for Safety

car with children and a fog

Children can’t unlock the car’s doors or windows by squeezing or pulling on the keys without knowing what they do, thanks to child safety locks. Unintentional button presses by a curious pet could have grave consequences if the pet were to exit through an open window or door. By locking the doors and drawers, you protect your children from harm.

Create a Positive Experience with Your Car Rides

Pets feel stressed when in the car because trips always end up being bad, like trips to the vet. If you take your dog or cat to a fun destination and reward her with a treat after the ride is finished, they’ll view the car as a positive experience.

The above tips are critical in making your car to be pet friendly. At Make My Day, we encourage you to call us or set up a service for pet sitting or dog walking services because we are the best at this.