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Just like people, dogs love to have a good time. They, too, like to run, be loved, eat well, and get out of the house now and then. Imagine being locked up in your own home for 8 hours every day with no fresh air, no one to entertain you, and nothing to do but sleep. Sound boring? Your dog thinks so, too.

Dogs that are bored will usually let you know. If you’ve noticed your dog showing any of the following behaviors, it may be time to consider some new options for your four-legged companion!

5 signs your dog is bored:

1. Destructive Chewing
If your dog is bored, he will probably let you know by chewing things he shouldn’t. Shoes, furniture, and even trash can become common victims of your dog’s boredom. Even though this might upset you, try to understand that your dog is trying to express how he feels.

2. Excessive Barking
Dogs that are bored will bark at everything and nothing. Mailman? Woof! Squirrel? Woof! Clouds moving in the sky? Woof! If you have noticed that your dog’s barking has become excessive and pointless, this is a good sign that he is bored.

3. Overexcitement
Dogs that are bored are also full of energy! This stored-up energy leads to an extremely happy dog when mom or dad comes home. They may jump on you or run around in circles until you give them some attention. The next time your dog seems more excited than usual, take this as a sign that he needs something to do while you are away at work.

4. Clingy
A bored dog is a clingy dog. Is your dog following you from room to room? Is he jumping up on the furniture for attention while you’re watching TV? Your dog may be trying to tell you how boring his day was.

5. Digging
Do you have holes in your yard that aren’t supposed to be there? Digging is common in dogs who are bored. If they have been stuck inside all day, the first sight of the outdoors means that they can finally get into some trouble. But before you get upset, try to remember that your dog’s behavior is trying to tell you something.

What should you do for a bored dog?
If your dog is bored, don’t panic. There are easy ways you can entertain your dog – even if you aren’t home all day.

1. Buy your dog plenty of chew toys and bones. Make sure your dog has something to entertain him while you’re gone.

2. Hire a dog walker. If you don’t have the time to walk your dog during the day, we would love to do it for you! At Make My Day Please, we promise to love your dog as much as you do. Check out our dog walking services here. Our MMDP professional dog walkers would love to take your dog on a mid-day walk to help break up the day for them.

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