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Pet Proofing For Safety and Training

Most people regard their pets as furry family members. When first becoming one of the family, family members must begin practicing pet safety as well as teaching your pet to stay safe from training. Just as you childproof your home for infants and toddlers, you must also give special thought and care to your pets. There are potential hazards in your home and yard that are attractive but could be dangerous for your pet. You must also give your pet a special space to feel safe and comfortable. We at Make My Day Pet Services are here to help every step of the way.

When considering hazards to your pet, consider each room as well as your yard and garage. One room in your home especially attractive to most pets is the kitchen where so many yummy spells come from. One of the biggest hazards is trash cans. Trash cans smell yummy to your pet but may contain foods that can make your pet sick as well as packaging that can suffocate, strangle or choke your pet. Trash cans with lids or locked in a cabinet can help protect your pet. We at Make My Day Pet Services offer both dog walking and pet services to help while your pet is getting used to its new home.

Cabinets pose a threat because they are usually stored for cleaning products, poisonous chemicals, insecticides, and other potentially dangerous content. Using locks on cabinet doors in kitchens and bathrooms can prevent your pet from coming into contact with such hazards. The same locks and gates that keep young children safe can also be used to keep your pet safe. Medications, cosmetics, and other personal care products should also be kept away from your pets.

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For small pets such as kittens and puppies, blocking off small spaces that your pet may want to explore can keep them safe. Spaces behind appliances should be blocked off and checking inside your washer and dryer before starting may prevent injury. You also need to check to make sure your pet is out of the way when closing doors behind you to prevent injury to noses, tails, and paws. You should keep the closet and doors closed to prevent your pet from finding things that could be harmful. Small everyday household objects can be dangerous choking hazards for your pets. Placing small objects you want to keep around into storage containers where your pet won’t have access to them.

Your pet’s new home may contain other hazards in the garage or outside. Tools and chemicals should be kept out of your pet’s reach and access to crawl space should be blocked off. A pet’s natural curiosity can lead to it getting stuck or injured. offers a safety guide that includes safety for more exotic pets as well as fish, birds, and reptiles. Another safety precaution lies in training your pet to obey your commands. This can begin as you are becoming better acquainted with your pet.

Crate training your pet can give it a place of safety, comfort, and belonging. Once your pet thinks of its crate as its own special place, it will be content to spend more and more time there. You can gain guidance to crate train your pet from These safety considerations can make your home happier for both you and your pet.

Make My Day Pet Services offers pet services for you and your pet to make life less stressful. Contact us or make an appointment to see how well we can make you and your pet rest easier with our services.