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With summer in full force, it is time for fun for the whole family, including your furry friends. The following are fun summer activities that you or your Make My Day Please pet sitter can do with your pet, be they four legged or feathered.

Activities With Dogs

Go For a Puppuccino

Get in the car, roll down the windows, and take a ride to your favorite drive thru coffee establishment. While ordering for yourself, order your dog a puppuccino, a small whipped cream treat provided for free or for a donation to a local animal rescue.

Take a Dip

Bring home a plastic pool for hours of splashing fun. Better yet, keep an eye out for doggie date nights at your local pool. Bring a favorite toy along to submerge in the water and encourage diving or a rowdy game of fetch.

Make a Treat

Make your very own pupsicles by freezing a mixture of non-xylitol, low-fat yogurt, peanut butter, and a banana. Mix all three in equal parts and freeze them in a paper cup. Remove them when fully frozen and give it to your dog as a sweet treat for a hot day. This is a great activity to promote bonding with new people, especially a pet sitter.

Activities With Cats

Go Fishing

Cats are naturally curious, especially around water. Fill the bathtub, a sink, or a large bucket with water and float a few ping pong balls in it. Watch your cat expertly balance as they try to catch or submerge the balls.

Plant a Garden

Plant a cat friendly garden with plenty of cat nip. Once it is fully sprouted, clip off some sprouts and hide them around the house for your cat to find. Make My Day Please pet sitters love to use catnip to bring cats out of their shells during pet sitter introductions.

Make a Rooting Box

Take advantage of your cat’s foraging instincts by building a rooting box. Fill a small cardboard box or tote with items from outside. Grass clippings, rocks, sticks, and leaves are perfect for this activity. Hide some of your cat’s favorite toys among the items and encourage them to dig them out.

Our four legged friends deserve summer fun as much as we do. The above suggestions will ensure that your dog or cat will enjoy their summer vacation alongside their best friend–you! And if you are looking for pet sitting help this summer, you can give Make My Day Please a call!