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Winter is a time to snuggle indoors and protect your dog from the cold. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways for you to keep your furry pal busy this winter season without breaking out in frostbite:

1. Hiking

While you will have to keep him on a leash, exercising can improve his heart and lung function, strengthen his muscles and bones, and keep him happy. If you go for hikes during the winter, ensure that you give your dog enough time to get used to the cold weather. Some dogs even develop high blood pressure from being outdoors during cold temperatures.

2. Giving Your Dog a Warm Bath

Dog taking a bath

Not only will it help keep your pup in good health, but it will also be fun for both of you! Baking soda is a great dog-safe alternative to regular shampoo because it will not dry out your pup’s skin while helping to remove dirt and the dead skin that collects on top of his fur.

3. Petting

While it’s important to love your dog, it’s also important to keep him warm! The best way to do this is by giving him a nice, long pet. Your dog will feel loved and cared for by you, making him happy and healthy. Just make sure you are enthusiastic about petting and playing with your dog so that he doesn’t get bored.

4. Sledding and Digging

Since dogs love to run, you can take him on a short hike and let him run off some of his energy. Then, when you are ready to head back home, he can show you how much he’s learned by digging holes in the snow for you to slide down! If you have enough snow for both of you, having an adventure in the snow can be fun!

5. Nose Work

Canine dog with leash sniffing in the snow

Dogs love to sniff, and he’ll be thrilled to have a job where he can work his nose. This winter, help your pup get in on the fun! You can help your dog build up his sniffing skills by having him search for specific scents. Draw out a scent trail using peanut butter, bacon grease, or different scented treats. Then, hide the food in the snow and let your dog go and track it down. You’ll need to use a lot of treats and a strong scent, but it’s a great way for you both to spend quality time together – and who doesn’t love extra bonding time?


Some variety in your dog’s activities can help keep him happy and healthy throughout the winter months. By getting outside and embracing the winter weather, you can make this season fun for both of you. Also, remember to make a point to give him a nice, long pet from time to time so that he can feel loved!