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Pets are a great companion to pet lovers. Maintaining a healthy and tidy cat is a top tier. Cat grooming is easy, fun, and necessary as it heightens the bond between the cat and its owners. There are several ways to groom a cat and make sure it remains healthy.

Brushing and Shedding

Some Cats have Short hair while others have long hair. Brushing can help keep your home clean. It also increases the bond with your cat. While brushing, one should do it gently, moving from the head to the toe. One should use a metal comb to help loosen those dead hair.


Female hand Soaps wet cat on a green bucket, bathing animals for flea and tick prevention

Occasionally you will see a cat bathing itself. They are clean pets but sometimes they will require a little help. You will need water in a tab or a bucket. It’s better not to use running water as this will scare away the pet and make the bathing hard. You will also need shampoo and a small rubber mat to make the cat feel more comfortable and ready for the bath. You will need to make the cat wet and then apply shampoo but avoid its face, eyes, and ears. Gently rub the shampoo well and let it spread evenly on the cat. You can do this by working from the neck to their tails. Then use a warm and dry towel to dry your cat.

Nail Trimming

Many people sometimes forget about the nails. They can pose injuries to both the owner of the cat and even the cat itself. When it is the first time to clip their nails, they can get uncomfortable. You will be required to do it gently to avoid making cuts to their claws. You should avoid cutting the pink area as it contains nerves. Also praising them can help. Pets love that. For efficiency, it’s always advisable to use the specified cat nail trimmer

Skincare for the cat

A cute tabby kitten licking his paw after visiting his litter box

You can start by ensuring that your cat gets enough water. Water helps prevent the cat from having pale gum. For a cat with little or no hair, you can use skin moisturizer mostly during dry seasons. Cats’ skin is sensitive, it is advisable to purchase a humidifier if the air in your neighborhood is dry. A humidifier improves the quality of air.

It’s always better to get professional help when needed. At Make My Day Please, we ensure that your pet gets the best care. Our services are available in Gainesville, Manassas, Nokesville, Haymarket, and Bristow.

Other services that we offer are:

Cat Care: MMDP professional cat sitters have experience with all types of cats, kittens, and cattitudes. We assign a primary sitter to your cat which is great for shy kitties as they have a familiar face and voice to look forward to.

Pet sitting: We offer daily visits where a sitter will be assigned to your pet and come to your home whenever you want. We offer overnight sitting. You want your pet to receive maximum attention, we have pet sitters who will spend the most time with your pet

Contact us to take care of your pet as we are dedicated and we love what we do.