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October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month! What better way to celebrate than by bringing home a new furry friend? By adopting a dog, you’re giving a second chance to an abandoned animal, improving your own health, and making a positive impact on your community.

Eight Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Dog

1. Adult dogs love you too!
Puppies are tons of fun – but man, they’re also a big commitment. Puppies need regular rounds of shots and training. However, when you adopt an adult dog, they usually come pre-vaccinated and pre-trained. This cuts down on your work, and leaves more time to play!

2. Variety of dogs to choose from
Shelters have a wide selection. You can get a purebred dog or a mutt, depending on your preference. However, did you know that mutts tend to be healthier in the long run? Mutts usually have a wider gene pool than purebreds, eliminating some health problems.

3. Fighting back against overpopulation
Animal overpopulation is a major problem worldwide. Fortunately, dogs and cats from shelters are always spayed and neutered. By finding your next fur baby at a shelter, you’re helping to combat animal overpopulation.

4. Giving an unwanted animal another chance
Shelter animals often have sad backstories. They’ve been abandoned, or lost, or had to be given up due to unfortunate circumstances. By adopting a dog, you’re giving that dog a new lease on life, and a new place to call home.

5. Save money
Some breeders can charge thousands for a single dog, especially if they’re purebred. Consider visiting a shelter, where you can find dogs for much less. The fees in shelters are only to cover some of the dog’s vet expenses, and won’t be nearly as high as alternative sources.

6. Supporting your community
Supporting local businesses and charities, like shelters, feeds the community where you live. By searching the local animal shelters for your new dog, you’ll be giving back to the place you call home.

7. Dogs give you the motivation to exercise!
Dogs love going for walks, but they can’t go alone. Regularly exercising with your dog will improve your health. By bringing a dog into your life, you’ll also find a cheerful workout buddy who never skips leg day.

8. Adopt a dog to reduce your stress
There’s something so relaxing about petting a dog. Having a dog will remind you to slow down and enjoy each day. It’s hard to be upset about anything when you’re petting a smiling, fluffy dog.

Adopting a dog is only the first step. Dogs require regular walks and care. If you’re searching for quality pet-sitting and dog walking services, look no further than Make My Day Please! We offer professional pet care services to ensure that your new friend is happy and healthy. Contact us now to make a reservation.