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Summer is here, and it’s more fun when you can take your best friend with you on vacation. But, before you pack the car, be sure to make a list of things for your pet to keep them safe this summer. Here are seven ways to keep your pet safe.

1. Provide Them With Shade and Water

During the hot summer months, your pet may feel the heat even more than you. To keep them from overheating, provide shade and plenty of water.

2. Keep Your Pet Away From The Fire

It’s a law that pets are not allowed inside an area burning or too close to open flames in many states. If there is a fire, keep your pet away from the danger by turning on fans and air conditioning and getting the water.

3. Apply Sunscreen

Hand of caucasian man applying sun cream (sunscreen) from plastic container (bottle) to protect skin from UV sunlight during walking in the park with dog. Summer. Skin care concept.png

Sunscreen is important to protect not only yourself but also your pet. Apply it daily to prevent their skin from becoming sensitive or irritated.

4. Never Leave Them in Your Car

With the summer’s high temperatures, it’s not uncommon for cars to reach dangerous and even fatal temperatures within just minutes. If you leave your pet in your car, ensure they are attended to, and if you have to stop and run into a store, turn on the air conditioning to keep the car cool.

5. Protect Them From Pests

When it’s hot outside, pests are looking for their next meal, and you do not want your pet as one of their favorite meals. Protect your pet from vermin and fleas by utilizing flea or tick control products, especially if you have a cat or dog.

6. Avoid Shaving Them

Dogs tend to overheat much faster than cats, so keeping them cool is important. Do not shave your dog. Instead, trim it only if you feel it might be beneficial for the weather you are experiencing in your area. Cats should also not be shaved because their fur protects them from sunburns and pests.

7. Know Their Signs


If your pet starts to show signs of heatstroke, you need to act quickly. Watch for excessive panting, trouble walking, sleepiness, lack of coordination, vomiting, or bright red tongue and gums. If any of these symptoms appear and your pet is lethargic or struggling to breathe, then it’s time to call a veterinarian immediately.

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