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We enjoy our social lives — time with friends, getting out of the house or visiting our favorite hangout. And why not? It makes life more interesting and fun. That’s why our dogs love to be social too!

Your four-legged friend may love his time with you, but nothing beats getting out and strutting his stuff. A trip to the local dog park will provide ample opportunity for your pooch to hang, look cool, and make lots of doggie friends.

Easy Steps to Socialize Your Dog  

Walking Works Wonders: You probably remember a time when you felt awkward going out. For whatever reason, you lacked confidence. Well, your dog can also feel this way until he’s been around the block a time or two. We all want our pup to be well-rounded and laid back, and taking him for a walk will allow him to get comfortable with the world around him. Soon he won’t be bothered by honking cars or rushed pedestrians. The more you walk, the less scary the world becomes.

It Takes Time to Make Friends: When you meet someone new, it takes a bit of time to feel comfortable around that person. This also holds true for your pooch. Introductions, whether to a person or another dog, are best done slowly and calmly. Keep an eye on your dog to see if he’s uncomfortable or happy and gregarious. If he appears frightened or nervous, give him more time to become comfortable with his new acquaintance.

Your Tone Conveys Your Mood: You don’t like yelling and neither does your dog. Be aware of your speaking tone as you introduce your pup to new faces. Dogs are very in tune with the moods of their owner. If you’re calm and relaxed, your pup will know and be more eager to socialize. On the other hand, if your tone is harsh and scolding, your furry pal will pick up on that and be less receptive to introductions.

Diversity Counts: Exposing your dog to a variety of people is a good way to get him used to the idea that people come in different packages. This way, he’ll get comfortable with a range of people — from big, hulking men to petite women and children. Introducing your dog to a variety of people will help him learn how to interact with each type of person.

Treats are Yummy Incentives: You love treats and so does your dog. You can use delicious dog treats to reward your pooch for good behavior. That includes following your directions and acting appropriately in social situations. No one likes a dog that’s misbehaving and yummy dog treats offer a big incentive for good behavior. Dogs will do anything for a treat!

Let’s Talk About a Walk!
Socializing your dog isn’t hard, but at Make My Day Please, LLC, we know that it’s not always easy to dedicate the time your pooch needs. We want to help. We provide walking services to help your dog stay active and social. We also offer:

  • Pet Sitting
  • Pet Pedicures
  • Post Surgery Care
  • and more!

Give us a call at 703-624-3583, and speak with one of our pet professionals. They’ll answer your questions and schedule a free meet and greet, so we can get to know you and your pet. You can also visit us online at We’ll help your dog feel confident and loved. We’re always here when you need us, and we love what we do!