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As the holiday season passes, it’s time to look forward to 2021, and hopefully, you’re ringing in the new year with a new friend. If you are celebrating this January as a new pet parent — congratulations! But if you’re a first-time pet owner and feeling a bit overwhelmed, we understand. It’s not always easy to know what to do. To help, we’ve put together a guide of five practical tips that you can put into action to get your new relationship off on the right foot.

1. Create a Pet-Friendly Home

The first thing you’ll want to do as a new pet owner is to provide your fuzzy friend with safe living quarters. Buy your pup a new dog bed, or make your kitty happy with a fun cat tree. Check out your living space for potential pet hazards. Pets don’t always act in their own best interest. Look for exposed cords they might chew on, gate off areas you don’t want them to go, and place house plants in inaccessible locations.

2. It’s All About Fun!

Cats and dogs love to play! It’s a big part of their lives. Keep a supply of pet toys on hand so they’ll have plenty to divert their attention, and replace old toys when necessary. Worn out toys can pose choking hazards and expose sharp edges. Providing your pet with toys will make them happy and is an inexpensive fun way to bond.

3. Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

Just like us, our pets love junk food and will binge eat if given the opportunity. It’s up to us as pet parents to provide our fluffy little ones with fresh water and a healthy diet. Spend a little time checking your local store’s pet food options. Look for ingredients that are all-natural and offer a good balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. If your pet has special dietary needs, consult a veterinarian about an appropriate prescription food.

4. Visit the Park — Even When You Can’t!

While cats are “purrfectly” happy indoors, dogs love to get outside and romp. If you can’t get to the park or stroll around the block as often as you’d like, consider hiring a dog-walking service to help get your pooch the fresh air he needs. The pet professionals at Make My Day Please, LLC can assist. We offer a range of affordable walking options to help keep your pup in good health.

5. Pets are Happier When They’re Not Alone

You may be a new pet owner, but you’re also a busy person. We can certainly sympathize. It’s not always possible to be there when your fuzzy friend needs you. To help you with your busy schedule, Make My Day Please LLC provides a variety of pet-sitting options so your new pet won’t have to go it alone.

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