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Summer days are for enjoying the great outdoors. Pets and their human companions have quite a bit of al fresco fun during this time of year, so it can be easy to get into mischief. Fortunately, a few safety precautions can ensure that your dog or cat stay safe and happy this summer.

Top Ten Summer Safety Tips For Pets

When temperatures skyrocket, the following tips will help keep feline friends and canine companions healthy.

  1. Outfit your pets with ID tags attached to their harnesses or collars. Cats should wear only breakaway collars to prevent choking or neck injuries.
  2. Use window screens in every open window to avoid runaway pets.
  3. Consider summer haircuts for your pets to keep them cool and comfortable.
  4. Offer your pets plenty of water and shady places to sit and relax.
  5. Only feed them pet foods and treats for pets. While it may be tempting to toss a dog a bit of barbeque or a cat a piece of tuna, such treats can lead to an upset stomach and even intestinal obstruction if they swallow a bone.
  6. Bring your pet inside instead of leaving them in vehicles. Even if they are only unattended for a few minutes, a car can easily heat to more than 100 degrees on a 78-degree day.
  7. Avoid walking your pet on hot asphalt, sitting them on hot metal truck beds, or allowing their paws to come into contact with any other surfaces that may damage their delicate paw pads.
  8. Talk with a veterinarian about ways to prevent flea, tick, and parasite infestation. Since every pet has a unique health profile, this advice is customized for each animal.
  9. Let pets skip the fireworks shows. While it’s admirable to want to include them, it’s probably not their cup of tea. Moreover, loud noises can easily startle pets into running away.
  10. Transport your pet safely in veterinarian-approved pet carriers. Although pets may be very well-behaved or eager to ride in the car or truck, there’s no way to control how other people drive. Pet carriers provide pets with a protective layer while riding in a vehicle.

We’re Here For All Your Summer Pet Care Needs

Unfortunately, not all vacation destinations fully embrace pets. Sometimes, a pet-friendly hotel might be one of the few places where a furry loved one is welcome or can participate in family activities comfortably. Fortunately, we’re prepared to provide your furry friend with vacation-quality activities in their own home. We can also provide your pet with post-surgical wound care, nail trimming, and mid-day dog walking services, whether you’re out of town or at home. Get in touch with us to ensure your furry family members have a safe, healthy, and happy summer.